Within The Airborne Battle-Space,

How Can Mission Success Be Assured?

The Sonic Warrior chronicles how a small group of Top Gun Pioneers solved one of aviation’s greatest challenges, thus preserving Air Domination against all hostiles.


Can these problem-solving strategies be useful in other domains as well ?




ABOUT the author


Captain Kevin M. Smith
US Navy (Ret.)


Captain Kevin Smith was the Commander of the first Deployed Top Gun Unit flying the high-performance F-8 Crusader, winner of both the Thompson and Collier Trophies, and the first aircraft capable of speeds exceeding 1000MPH. The F-8 Crusader was a formidable fighter, equipped with both Guns and Missiles.

    Captain Smith’s Top Gun Unit (VFP-63D1) was optimized to provide advanced close-in air combat training for the initial deployment of the highly advanced F-14 Tomcat assigned to Carrier Airwing Nine, under the command of Vice Admiral (Then Captain) Anthony Less, U. S. Navy. At this time, Carrier Airwing 9 was considered the most advanced and lethal Carrier Airwing in Naval Aviation History.

    For this successful deployment, which set a number of records, Captain Smith was awarded a Citation from the Commander, U. S. Seventh Fleet. He also received Letters of Commendation from the Commander, U. S. Pacific Fleet; the Commanding General Third Marine Airwing; The Commanding Officer, USS Constellation; and the Commander, Carrier Airwing Nine.

    Captain Kevin M. Smith is currently an Author, Speaker and Aviation Design Consultant.

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F14 Tomcat

 F8 Crusader